Mikaila Cooper

Mikaila Cooper Bio

Mikaila Cooper embodies the spirit of New Country. With her fierce nothing's-going-to-stop-her attitude and spitfire soul, Mikaila is chasing her dreams through strong melodies and gripping lyrics. This Calgary native is a force to be reckoned with, and wants to not only grow her fanbase, but her friend base too. Mikaila has worked with very talented music industry professionals and has found a way into the hearts of some of the best; Canadian country superstars George Canyon and Gord Bamford just to name a few. Her openness soaks in the wisdom and experience of those around her. Cooper is a crowd pleaser and generous performer, but most of all she loves to write. Mikaila writes music that is bold, authentic and shamelessly honest, connecting with a wide audience of music lovers. Mikaila has toured nationwide to support her airplay on country radio across Canada. With her go-getter attitude and love for the industry, Mikaila is bringing words to life, one whiskey shot at a time.


Project WILD Bootcamp song co-write pairing: The Prairie States