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Karac Hendriks – Day 5

Hey Now! Anyone pick up on and/or sick of my Howard Stern Show references? Anywho…time is flying by fast but Man I can’t wait to get home.  RockRidge Canyon is sure a sight to see.  Great staff too.  In fact, all of the folks involved in this PW experience have been amazing.  Nimbus. Aberta Music.…

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Karac Hendriks – Day 3

Peace and Love!  Peace and Love! I actually had to ask what day it was today (it’s Saturday?).  Time is flying by so fast but what a great adventure so far.  I’m a complete and total music industry nerd so getting the skinny from zee experts has been an OCD sufferer’s dream!  Not super loving…

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Karac Hendriks – Day 1

People of Earth.  How are you? While everyone is having a round of Artists vs Faculty ball hockey, I have decided to hole up and plow through the plethora of emails log jamming on me as I was “indisposed” on my Alta / Sask radio tour.  I’ll make an appearance soon though.  These parts of…

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