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Mayweather (Times) vs McGregor (Saunders) *UPDATE*

Right about the same time Brad Saunders was lighting up the stage last night at Project Wild Bootcamp, Connor McGregor was getting lit up with punches by Floyd Mayweather. Brad killed his set and delivered one memorable moment after another. You can tell why he sympathizes with Connor – they’re both committed individuals willing to…

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  It is only the day 3 of Project Wild and things are already starting to look like the latest season of Game of Thrones. Everyone arrived around noon and proceeded to register their armies of guitar, bass and drum players. After settling into our respective castles and finding out where the coffee machines are,…

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Mayweather (Times) vs McGregor (Saunders)

  Well folks, it’s on. Brad Saunders and I have a shaken hands and set our bets. If Connor McGregor beats Floyd Mayweather tonight, Brad gets to dress me up in whatever attire his heart desires. (Small exceptions include thongs, bikinis, and nothing.) If Floyd Money Mayweather comes out on top, Lucette and Nice Horse…

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