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Voyage To Venus…Be Undeniable

Voyage To Venus…Be Undeniable. “A man who has been in another world, does not come back unchanged”. – CS Lewis (yep, I dabble in sci-fi:) That is how I feel after this almost surreal journey at PW2017 Bootcamp. Maybe it’s a product of where I am at in my journey, maybe it’s true for all…

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Leather Ninjas

A great friend once told me that a blog should be one of three things; educational, inspirational, or funny. I’ve done a funny one(at least I chuckled), I’m saving up the inspirational one for the end of camp(when I’m overtired, and emotional:), which leaves me with ‘educational’. To educate, one must be educated in a…

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“I Got Top Bunk….NOT (it pays to be punctual)”

I Got Top Bunk….NOT(it pays to be punctual). I’m not old by any means. But at 38 I’m more vintage then most here at Project Wild. Saying that, it’s been awhile since I felt like a kid. The last time was the first time I played Big Valley Jamboree. I grew up in Saskatchewan and…

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